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Forward-thinking companies trust Astor Place Labs to build the software that powers their businesses.

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The engineering expertise you need

We're a team of expert designers and engineers that creates highly functional, reliable, and custom software for our clients. We do so on time, on budget, and with meticulous attention to our craft.

We specialize in building web and mobile products that help businesses grow by delivering concrete, measurable value to their users.

Our clients range from one-person startups to established enterprises; they share the understanding that great technology can have an outsized influence on business outcomes.

Case Study: Venue Pilot

We worked with the owner of a successful music venue in New York's West Village who saw an opportunity to create a better ticketing and venue management product for the live music industry.

Astor Place Labs built an integrated solution for web and mobile that streamlines the process of making live music happen. Venue Pilot now saves venue owners thousands of dollars per year in staff costs and convenience fees.

Venue Pilot has processed millions of dollars in ticket sales to date.


A tenacious partner from idea to market

Our development methodology emphasizes steady, visible progress and flexibility toward newly discovered project needs.

We work in small, dedicated teams that work on one project at a time. We organize our work in weekly iterations with clearly defined deliverables, and use modern tools to track and convey our progress.

By staying focused and communicating frequently, we're able get to market faster, respond to new priorities swiftly, and do our best work.

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